Welcome To Evans Food Group: The Worlds largest producer of pork rinds!


The World’s Fastest Growing Snack Food

Imagine the satisfying crunch you want in a snack, coupled with the taste of bacon—the food celebrated internationally for its one-of-a-kind, utterly delicious flavor—that’s Evans Food’s pork rinds. Available in different cuts and flavors to meet the needs of a global market, Evans’ pork rinds are the perfect salty snack.



The facts don’t lie. When compared to other salty snack foods, pork rinds are an amazingly healthy treat. With half the fat and calories of potato chips, four times the protein and zero carbohydrates, pork rinds make for a surprisingly nutritious, utterly delicious snack food.



By virtue of their place as a salty snack, entrée ingredient and tempting treat, pork rinds and cracklins are often found throughout the grocery store—in the snack aisle, deli counter, meat department and point of purchase. This exceptional exposure attracts customers at multiple points.



In addition to a strong foothold in North, Central and South America, Evans is strategically situated to reach costumers around the globe with international distribution and private-label brands. Domestically, Evans Food’s experience and understanding of the growing Hispanic and African-American audience make it uniquely positioned to identify and meet an increasing demand.